The abstract superclass for objects that provide input data to a capture session.


class AVCaptureInput : NSObject


To associate an AVCaptureInput object with a session, call addInput(_:) on the session.

AVCaptureInput objects have one or more ports (instances of AVCaptureInput.Port), one for each data stream they can produce. For example, an AVCaptureDevice object presenting one video data stream has one port.


Accessing Ports

class AVCaptureInput.Port

A specific stream of data provided by a capture input.

var ports: [AVCaptureInput.Port]

The capture input’s ports.


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Session Configuration

class AVCaptureOutput

The abstract superclass for objects that output the media recorded in a capture session.

class AVCaptureConnection

A connection between a specific pair of capture input and capture output objects in a capture session.

class AVCaptureAudioChannel

An object that monitors average and peak power levels for an audio channel in a capture connection.