A capture input for providing timed metadata to a capture session.


class AVCaptureMetadataInput : AVCaptureInput


This class provides input to an AVCaptureSession. An instance of AVCaptureMetadataInput can present one and only one AVCaptureInput.Port connected to an AVCaptureMovieFileOutput. Provide metadata through the input port by conforming to a CMFormatDescription and supplying AVMetadataItem objects in an AVTimedMetadataGroup.


Creating Metadata Input

init(formatDescription: CMMetadataFormatDescription, clock: CMClock)

Creates capture metadata input to provide timed groups to a capture session.

Providing Metadata

func append(AVTimedMetadataGroup)

Provides metadata to the capture session.


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See Also

Metadata Capture

class AVCaptureMetadataOutput

A capture output for processing timed metadata produced by a capture session.

class AVMetadataFaceObject

Face information detected by a metadata capture output.

class AVMetadataMachineReadableCodeObject

Barcode information detected by a metadata capture output.

class AVMetadataObject

The abstract superclass for objects provided by a metadata capture output.

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