A capture session that supports simultaneous capture from multiple inputs of the same media type.


class AVCaptureMultiCamSession : AVCaptureSession


The session preset for a multicamera session is always inputPriority. Set each capture device’s activeFormat value to the desired quality of service.

You can dynamically enable and disable this session’s individual camera inputs without interrupting capture preview. To stop an individual camera, disable all of its connections or connected ports. The camera then stops streaming data to save power and bandwidth. Other inputs that are streaming data through the session are unaffected.


Determining Multi-Camera Support

class var isMultiCamSupported: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether this device supports multi-camera sessions.

Managing Resources

var hardwareCost: Float

A value that indicates the percentage of the session’s available hardware budget currently in use.

var systemPressureCost: Float

A value that indicates the system pressure cost of the current session configuration.


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class AVCaptureSession

An object that manages capture activity and coordinates the flow of data from input devices to capture outputs.