Instance Method


Converts a rectangle in the coordinate system used for metadata outputs to one in the capture output object’s coordinate system.


func outputRectConverted(fromMetadataOutputRect rectInMetadataOutputCoordinates: CGRect) -> CGRect



A rectangle in the AVCaptureMetadataOutput coordinate system.

Return Value

A rectangle in the AVCaptureOutput object’s coordinate system.


The rectangle of interest for an AVCaptureMetadataOutput object is in a coordinate system extending from (0,0) in the top left to (1,1) in the bottom right, relative to the device’s natural orientation. A capture output object uses a pixel coordinate space which may be zoomed, rotated, or mirrored. Use this convenience method to quickly convert between coordinate spaces.

See Also

Converting Between Coordinate Systems

func metadataOutputRectConverted(fromOutputRect: CGRect) -> CGRect

Converts a rectangle in the capture output object’s coordinate system to one in the coordinate system used for metadata outputs.

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