The abstract superclass for objects that output the media recorded in a capture session.


@interface AVCaptureOutput : NSObject


AVCaptureOutput is an abstract base class describing an output destination of an AVCaptureSession object.

AVCaptureOutput provides an abstract interface for connecting capture output destinations, such as files and video previews, to a capture session (an instance of AVCaptureSession). A capture output can have multiple connections represented by AVCaptureConnection objects, one for each stream of media that it receives from an AVCaptureInput. A capture output does not have any connections when it is first created. When you add an output to a capture session, the capture session creates connects that map media data from that session’s inputs to its outputs.

You can add concrete AVCaptureOutput instances to a capture session using addOutput:.


Accessing Connections


The capture output object’s connections.

- connectionWithMediaType:

Returns the first connection in the connections array with an input port of a specified media type.


Information about why capture data was not delivered.

Converting Between Coordinate Systems

- transformedMetadataObjectForMetadataObject:connection:

Converts the visual properties of an AVMetadataObject to the output’s coordinates.

- metadataOutputRectOfInterestForRect:

Converts a rectangle in the capture output object’s coordinate system to one in the coordinate system used for metadata outputs.

- rectForMetadataOutputRectOfInterest:

Converts a rectangle in the coordinate system used for metadata outputs to one in the capture output object’s coordinate system.


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Session Configuration


The abstract superclass for objects that provide input data to a capture session.


A connection between a specific pair of capture input and capture output objects in a capture session.


An object that monitors average and peak power levels for an audio channel in a capture connection.