Instance Method


Generates and returns a flat data representation of the photo and its attachments.


func fileDataRepresentation() -> Data?

Return Value

Data appropriate for writing to a file of the type specified when requesting photo capture, or nil if the photo and attachment data cannot be flattened.


When you request a photo capture with the AVCapturePhotoOutput capturePhoto(with:delegate:) method, the AVCapturePhotoSettings object you provide specifies image data formats (such as JPEG and HEVC) and container file formats (such as JFIF and HEIF) for the resulting image file. Calling this method formats and packages the image pixel buffer, along with metadata and other attachments created during capture (such as preview photos and depth maps), into data appropriate for writing to a file of that type.

See Also

Packaging Data for File Output

protocol AVCapturePhotoFileDataRepresentationCustomizer

A set of delegate callbacks to be implemented by callers of fileDataRepresentation(with:).

func cgImageRepresentation() -> Unmanaged<CGImage>?

Extracts and returns the captured photo's primary image as a Core Graphics image object.

func previewCGImageRepresentation() -> Unmanaged<CGImage>?

Extracts and returns the captured photo's preview image as a CoreGraphics image object.

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