Instance Property


Information about the use of lens stabilization during bracketed photo capture.


var lensStabilizationStatus: AVCaptureDevice.LensStabilizationStatus { get }


This property applies only to capture results for which you requested optical image stabilization (OIS) across all frames of a bracketed photo capture (using the AVCapturePhotoBracketSettings isLensStabilizationEnabled property).

If the device configuration does not support OIS, this property's value is AVCaptureDevice.LensStabilizationStatus.unsupported. If OIS is supported, but this captured photo is not from a bracketed capture where OIS was requested, this property's value is Otherwise, this property indicates how the device applied OIS across the duration of the bracketed capture.

See Also

Examining Bracketed Capture Information

var bracketSettings: AVCaptureBracketedStillImageSettings?

The variations available for bracketed capture settings for this photo.

var sequenceCount: Int

The 1-based index of this photo in a bracketed capture sequence.

enum AVCaptureDevice.LensStabilizationStatus

Constants that indicate the status of optical image stabilization hardware during a bracketed photo capture.