Instance Property


Calibration information for the camera device that captured the photo.


var cameraCalibrationData: AVCameraCalibrationData? { get }


Camera calibration data is present only if you specified the isCameraCalibrationDataDeliveryEnabled and isDualCameraDualPhotoDeliveryEnabled settings when requesting capture. For camera calibration data in a capture that includes depth data, see the AVDepthData cameraCalibrationData property.

See Also

Accessing Photo Metadata

var depthData: AVDepthData?

Depth or disparity map data captured with the photo.

class AVDepthData

A container for per-pixel distance or disparity information captured by compatible camera devices.

class AVCameraCalibrationData

Information about the camera characteristics used to capture images and depth data.

var sourceDeviceType: AVCaptureDevice.DeviceType?

The type of device that captured the photo.

var metadata: [String : Any]

A dictionary of metadata describing the captured image.

var portraitEffectsMatte: AVPortraitEffectsMatte?

The portrait effects matte captured with the photo.