Instance Method


Notifies the delegate that the capture output has resolved settings and will soon begin its capture process.


optional func photoOutput(_ output: AVCapturePhotoOutput, willBeginCaptureFor resolvedSettings: AVCaptureResolvedPhotoSettings)



The photo output performing the capture.


An object describing the settings used for this capture. Match this object’s uniqueID value to the uniqueID property of the photo settings object you initiated capture with to determine which capture request this delegate call corresponds to. You can also use this object to find out which values the photo output has chosen for automatic settings.


The photo output calls this method when it has committed to a choice of settings and will soon begin the capture process. This call occurs as early as possible after your call to the capturePhoto(with:delegate:) method, letting you know what to expect for other delegate method calls related to the same capture.

Use this method and the AVCaptureResolvedPhotoSettings it provides to find out at the earliest possible opportunity which values the photo output has chosen for automatic settings, and what the output dimensions for captured images and movies will be. For example, if you requested capture with the flashMode property set to, the resolved photo settings’ isFlashEnabled property indicates whether the flash will fire during capture.

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