Instance Method


Notifies the delegate that the movie content of a Live Photo has finished recording.


optional func photoOutput(_ output: AVCapturePhotoOutput, didFinishRecordingLivePhotoMovieForEventualFileAt outputFileURL: URL, resolvedSettings: AVCaptureResolvedPhotoSettings)



The photo output performing the capture.


The file URL at which the Live Photo movie will be written.


An object describing the settings used for this capture. Match this object’s uniqueID value to the uniqueID property of the photo settings object you initiated capture with to determine which capture request this delegate call corresponds to. You can also use this object to find out which values the photo output has chosen for automatic settings.


The photo output calls this method as soon as it has captured all movie data for a Live Photo. However, at this moment, that media content has not yet been processed or written to storage. (To be notified when the complete movie file has finished writing and is ready for consumption, implement the photoOutput(_:didFinishProcessingLivePhotoToMovieFileAt:duration:photoDisplayTime:resolvedSettings:error:) method.)

Use this method to determine when it is appropriate to change your displayed UI to indicate that Live Photo movie capture is no longer in progress. For example, the Camera app displays a “LIVE” icon when the user presses the shutter button, then hides that icon when movie capture ends.

The photo output calls this method only once for each Live Photo capture.

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