Instance Method


Provides the delegate with the captured image and associated metadata resulting from a photo capture.


- (void)captureOutput:(AVCapturePhotoOutput *)output didFinishProcessingPhoto:(AVCapturePhoto *)photo error:(NSError *)error;



The photo output performing the capture.


An object containing the captured image pixel buffer, along with any metadata and attachments captured along with the photo (such as a preview image or depth map).

This parameter is always non-nil: if an error prevented successful capture, this object still contains metadata for the intended capture.


If the capture process could not proceed successfully, an error object describing the failure; otherwise, nil.


Use this method to receive the results of photo capture regardless of format.

The photo output calls this method once for each primary image to be delivered in a capture request. If you request capture in both RAW and processed formats, this method fires once for each format. If you request a bracketed capture with multiple exposures, this method fires once for each exposure.

See Also

Receiving Capture Results

- captureOutput:didFinishRecordingLivePhotoMovieForEventualFileAtURL:resolvedSettings:

Notifies the delegate that the movie content of a Live Photo has finished recording.

- captureOutput:didFinishProcessingLivePhotoToMovieFileAtURL:duration:photoDisplayTime:resolvedSettings:error:

Provides the delegate the movie file URL resulting from a Live Photo capture.