Instance Property


A Boolean value indicating whether the capture output currently supports Live Photo capture.


var isLivePhotoCaptureSupported: Bool { get }


A Live Photo captures both a still image and a short movie centered on the moment of capture, which are presented together in user interfaces such as the Photos app.

Not all devices and capture formats support Live Photo capture. This property’s value can change if the sessionPreset property of the current capture session or the activeFormat property of the underlying capture device changes. If a camera or format change causes this property’s value to become false, the isLivePhotoCaptureEnabled property’s value also becomes false.

See Also

Configuring Live Photo Capture

var isLivePhotoCaptureEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value that specifies whether to configure the capture pipeline for Live Photo capture.

var isLivePhotoCaptureSuspended: Bool

A Boolean value that specifies whether to suspend, but not disable, Live Photo capture.

var isLivePhotoAutoTrimmingEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value that specifies whether to automatically trim Live Photo movie captures to avoid excessive movement.

var availableLivePhotoVideoCodecTypes: [AVVideoCodecType]

The list of video codecs currently available for capturing Live Photos with the photo output.