Instance Property


The list of video codecs currently available for capturing Live Photos with the photo output.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) NSArray<AVVideoCodecType> *availableLivePhotoVideoCodecTypes;


By default, Live Photo capture encodes the movie portion of a Live Photo using the H.264 codec. To use a different codec, set the livePhotoVideoCodecType property of your photo settings object to one of the values in this array.

The array is sorted such that the system's default (preferred) video codec is listed first. If you've not yet added the photo output to an AVCaptureSession with a video source, no codecs are available.

This property is key-value observable.

See Also

Configuring Live Photo Capture


A Boolean value indicating whether the capture output currently supports Live Photo capture.


A Boolean value that specifies whether to configure the capture pipeline for Live Photo capture.


A Boolean value that specifies whether to suspend, but not disable, Live Photo capture.


A Boolean value that specifies whether to automatically trim Live Photo movie captures to avoid excessive movement.