Instance Property


A Boolean value that specifies whether captures use automatic image stabilization.


@property(nonatomic, getter=isAutoStillImageStabilizationEnabled) BOOL autoStillImageStabilizationEnabled;


The default setting is YES, unless you are capturing a RAW photo (By definition, RAW photos are unprocessed, and image stabilization involves processing the captured image).

When you enable this setting, the device automatically applies stabilization in low-light conditions to counteract hand shake. Automatic stabilization always includes digital image stabilization, and may also include optical lens stabilization, based on the current device.

Automatic image stabilization is not compatible with the AVCaptureFlashModeOn setting. If you explicitly enable the flash, the photo output ignores your image stabilization setting, and the stillImageStabilizationEnabled property of the AVCaptureResolvedPhotoSettings object provided to your photo capture delegate is always NO.

See Also

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