Instance Property


A dictionary containing metadata to be included in the Live Photo movie file.


var livePhotoMovieMetadata: [AVMetadataItem]! { get set }


Live Photos capture both a still image and a short movie, which are presented together in user interfaces such as the Photos app. A Live Photo movie always contains a AVMetadataQuickTimeMetadataKeyContentIdentifier key, associating the movie with a similar identifier in the kCGImagePropertyExifMakerNote property of the corresponding still image. The photo capture output automatically generates a unique content identifier for you if you do not specify one of your own. You can also use this property to specify additional movie metadata.

This property applies only if the livePhotoMovieFileURL property is set to non-nil.

See Also

Configuring Live Photo Settings

var livePhotoMovieFileURL: URL?

A URL at which to write Live Photo movie output.

var livePhotoVideoCodecType: AVVideoCodecType

The video codec to use for encoding the movie portion of Live Photo output.