Instance Property


A Boolean value that determines whether the photo output captures depth data along with the photo.


var isDepthDataDeliveryEnabled: Bool { get set }


When this property is false (the default), the capture output produces only photo data and metadata.

If you change this property to true, the capture output records per-pixel scene depth information and delivers an AVDepthData object in the photo capture results. Enabling depth capture for a photo capture request requires that the photo output first be configured for depth capture using its own isDepthDataDeliveryEnabled property (and raises an exception otherwise).

See Also

Capturing Depth Data

var embedsDepthDataInPhoto: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether any depth data captured with the photo is included when generating output file data.

var isDepthDataFiltered: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether to smooth noise and fill in missing values in depth data output.