Instance Property


Specifies whether a portrait effects matte should be captured along with the photo.


var isPortraitEffectsMatteDeliveryEnabled: Bool { get set }


The default is NO. Set to YES if you wish to receive a portrait effects matte with your photo. AVFoundation throws an exception if isPortraitEffectsMatteDeliveryEnabled is not set to YES, or if your delegate doesn't respond to the photoOutput(_:didFinishProcessingPhoto:error:) selector.

Setting this property to YES doen't guarantee that a portrait effects matte will be present in the resulting AVCapturePhoto. The matte is primarily used to improve the rendering quality of portrait effects on the image. If the photo's content lacks a clear foreground subject, no portrait effects matte is generated, and the property returns nil. Setting this property to YES may add significant processing time to the delivery of your photoOutput(_:didFinishProcessingPhoto:error:) callback.

See Also

Capturing Portrait Effects Matte

var embedsPortraitEffectsMatteInPhoto: Bool

Specifies whether the portrait effects matte captured with ths photo should be written to the photo's file structure.