Instance Property


A Boolean value indicating whether this capture uses image stabilization.


@property(readonly, getter=isStillImageStabilizationEnabled) BOOL stillImageStabilizationEnabled;


This property corresponds to the AVCapturePhotoSettings property autoStillImageStabilizationEnabled.

When this value is YES, the device automatically applies stabilization in low-light conditions to counteract hand shake. Automatic stabilization always includes digital image stabilization, and may also include optical lens stabilization, based on the current device.

If you specify automatic stabilization when requesting a capture, the device automatically chooses whether to use image stabilization based on the scene contents at the moment of capture. Therefore, you don’t know whether stabilization will be used until right before the moment of capture. When the photo output calls your captureOutput:willBeginCaptureForSettings: method (or other delegate methods that occur later in the capture process), you can use this property to determine whether stabilization is active.

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