Instance Method


Adds a capture output to the session without forming any connections.


func addOutputWithNoConnections(_ output: AVCaptureOutput)



The capture output to add to the session.


You can invoke this method while the session is running.

Typically you should use addOutput(_:) to add an output to a session. You use this method if you need fine-grained control over which inputs are connected to which outputs.

See Also

Managing Connections

var connections: [AVCaptureConnection]

An array of connections managed by the capture session.

func addConnection(AVCaptureConnection)

Adds a given capture connection to the session.

func canAddConnection(AVCaptureConnection) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a given connection can be added to the receiver.

func addInputWithNoConnections(AVCaptureInput)

Adds a capture input to the session without forming any connections.

func removeConnection(AVCaptureConnection)

Removes a capture connection from the session.