Instance Method


Adds a given capture connection to the session.


- (void)addConnection:(AVCaptureConnection *)connection;



The capture connection to add to the session.


You can only add an AVCaptureConnection instance to a session using this method if canAddConnection: returns YES.

When using addInput: or addOutput:, connections are formed automatically between all compatible inputs and outputs. Manually adding connections is only necessary when adding an input or output with no connections.

See Also

Managing Connections


An array of connections managed by the capture session.

- canAddConnection:

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a given connection can be added to the receiver.

- addInputWithNoConnections:

Adds a capture input to the session without forming any connections.

- addOutputWithNoConnections:

Adds a capture output to the session without forming any connections.

- removeConnection:

Removes a capture connection from the session.