A container for scene depth information collected using synchronized capture.


class AVCaptureSynchronizedDepthData : AVCaptureSynchronizedData


Accessing Synchronized Data

var depthData: AVDepthData

The depth data captured at this synchronization point.

Handling Dropped Data

var depthDataWasDropped: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether depth data was discarded between capture and processing.

var droppedReason: AVCaptureOutput.DataDroppedReason

A value indicating why the capture output failed to deliver depth data, if applicable.


Conforms To

See Also

Synchronized Capture

class AVCaptureDataOutputSynchronizer

An object that coordinates time-matched delivery of data from multiple capture outputs.

class AVCaptureSynchronizedDataCollection

A set of data samples collected simultaneously from multiple capture outputs.

class AVCaptureSynchronizedMetadataObjectData

A container for metadata objects collected using synchronized capture.

class AVCaptureSynchronizedSampleBufferData

A container for video or audio samples collected using synchronized capture.

class AVCaptureSynchronizedData

The abstract superclass for media samples collected using synchronized capture.

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