Instance Property


Indicates whether to drop video frames if they arrive late.


var alwaysDiscardsLateVideoFrames: Bool { get set }


If this property is true, the output immediately discard frames that captured while the dispatch queue handling existing frames blocks in the captureOutput(_:didOutput:from:) delegate method. When set to false, the output gives delegates more time to process old frames before it discards new frames, but application memory usage may increase significantly as a result.

The default is true.

See Also

Configuring Video Capture

var videoSettings: [String : Any]!

The compression settings for the output.

Video Settings Dictionaries

Define output image and video formats by using the key and value constants.

var automaticallyConfiguresOutputBufferDimensions: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the output automatically configures the size of output buffers.

var deliversPreviewSizedOutputBuffers: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the output is configured to deliver preview-sized buffers.

func recommendedVideoSettings(forVideoCodecType: AVVideoCodecType, assetWriterOutputFileType: AVFileType) -> [AnyHashable : Any]?

Returns a video settings dictionary appropriate for capturing video to be recorded to a file with the specified codec and type.

func recommendedVideoSettingsForAssetWriter(writingTo: AVFileType) -> [String : Any]?

Specifies the recommended settings for use with an AVAssetWriterInput.