Instance Property


The identifier for the content key.


var identifier: Any? { get }


This property is specific to the container and the protocol. To use the key with an HTTP Live Streaming AVURLAsset, the identifier must be an NSURL that matches a key URI in the media playlist.

See Also

Getting Content Key Request Properties

var canProvidePersistableContentKey: Bool

The content key request used to create a persistable content key or respond to a previous request with a persistable content key.

var error: Error?

The error description for a failed key request.

var initializationData: Data?

The data used to obtain a key response.

var renewsExpiringResponseData: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the content key request renews previously provided response data.

var status: AVContentKeyRequest.Status

The current state of the content key request.

enum AVContentKeyRequest.Status

The status for a content key request.