The reason for asking the client to retry a content key request.


struct RetryReason


Reasons for Content Key Request Retry

static let receivedObsoleteContentKey: AVContentKeyRequest.RetryReason

An obsolete key response that was set on the previous content key request.

static let receivedResponseWithExpiredLease: AVContentKeyRequest.RetryReason

A key response with an expired lease that was set on the previous content key request.

static let timedOut: AVContentKeyRequest.RetryReason

A key response that was not set soon enough.


See Also

Updating and Retrying Content Key Requests

func contentKeySession(AVContentKeySession, didUpdatePersistableContentKey: Data, forContentKeyIdentifier: Any)

Provides the receiver with an updated persistable content key for a specific key request.

func contentKeySessionContentProtectionSessionIdentifierDidChange(AVContentKeySession)

Tells the receiver the content protection session identifier changed.

func contentKeySession(AVContentKeySession, contentKeyRequestDidSucceed: AVContentKeyRequest)

Tells the content key session that the response to a content key requeset was successfully processed.

func contentKeySessionDidGenerateExpiredSessionReport(AVContentKeySession)

Notifies the sender that an expired session report has been generated.