Type Method


Creates a new key response object for key data and initialization vector sent in the clear.


+ (instancetype)contentKeyResponseWithClearKeyData:(NSData *)keyData initializationVector:(NSData *)initializationVector;



The key used for decrypting content.


The initialization vector used for decrypting content. This value is nil when the initialization vector is contained in the media to be decrypted.

Return Value

Returns a new AVContentKeyResponse object to decrypt content.


Use the results of this initializer when the content key session creates a key request using the AVContentKeySystemClearKey parameter. The results are then passed to the processContentKeyResponse: method to supply the decrypter with key data.

See Also

Creating New Content Key Responses

+ contentKeyResponseWithFairPlayStreamingKeyResponseData:

Creates a new key response object with an encrypted key response data blob when FairPlay Streaming is the key delivery method.