Instance Property


The dispatch queue that invokes delegate callbacks.


var delegateQueue: DispatchQueue? { get }


The value of this property is a dispatch_queue_t object.

See Also

Initializing the Content Key Request Process

func setDelegate(AVContentKeySessionDelegate?, queue: DispatchQueue?)

Sets the receiver's delegate and indicates the dispatch queues used.

var delegate: AVContentKeySessionDelegate?

The delegate for the receiver.

protocol AVContentKeySessionDelegate

The protocol you implement to handle content key requests.

func addContentKeyRecipient(AVContentKeyRecipient)

Tells the receiver that the specified recipient should have access to the decryption keys loaded with the session.

var contentKeyRecipients: [AVContentKeyRecipient]

An array of content key recipients.

protocol AVContentKeyRecipient

A protocol for requiring decryption keys for media data.

func processContentKeyRequest(withIdentifier: Any?, initializationData: Data?, options: [String : Any]?)

Tells the receiver to start loading the content decryption key with the specified identifier and initialization data.