Instance Method


Returns a dictionary representation of the depth data suitable for writing into an image file.


- (NSDictionary *)dictionaryRepresentationForAuxiliaryDataType:(NSString * _Nullable *)outAuxDataType;



On output, either kCGImageAuxiliaryDataTypeDisparity or kCGImageAuxiliaryDataTypeDepth, depending on the depth data's type.


When using CGImageDestination functions to write depth data (along with image data) to a HEIF, JPEG, or DNG file, you can use this method to obtain a dictionary of primitive depth map information, then use the CGImageDestinationAddAuxiliaryDataInfo function to embed that data into the output file.

See Also

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Creating Auxiliary Depth Data Manually

Generate a depth image and attach it to your own image.

+ depthDataFromDictionaryRepresentation:error:

Creates a depth data object from depth information such as that found in an image file.