Instance Method


Returns a derivative depth data object by converting the depth data map to the specified data type.


func converting(toDepthDataType depthDataType: OSType) -> Self



The data type to convert to. This value must be one of the formats present in the availableDepthDataTypes array.

Return Value

A new, converted depth data object.


This method raises an exception if you pass an invalid depthDataType value.

See Also

Transforming and Processing

func applyingExifOrientation(CGImagePropertyOrientation) -> Self

Returns a derivative depth data object by mirroring or rotating it to the specified orientation.

var availableDepthDataTypes: [NSNumber]

The list of depth data formats to which this depth data can be converted.

func replacingDepthDataMap(with: CVPixelBuffer) -> Self

Returns a derivative depth data object by replacing the depth data map.

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