Instance Property


The general accuracy of depth data map values.


var depthDataAccuracy: AVDepthData.Accuracy { get }


The accuracy of a depth data map is highly dependent on the camera calibration data used to generate it. If the camera's focal length cannot be precisely determined at the time of capture, a scaling error in the z (depth) plane is introduced. If the camera's optical center can't be precisely determined at capture time, a principal point error is introduced, leading to an offset error in the disparity estimate. AVDepthData.Accuracy constants report the accuracy of a map's values with respect to its reported units.

See Also

Evaluating Depth Data

var isDepthDataFiltered: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the depth map contains temporally smoothed data.

enum AVDepthData.Accuracy

Values indicating the general accuracy of a depth data map.

var depthDataQuality: AVDepthData.Quality

The overall quality of the depth map.

enum AVDepthData.Quality

Values indicating the overall quality of a depth data map.

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