Instance Method


Returns a derivative depth data object by replacing the depth data map.


func replacingDepthDataMap(with pixelBuffer: CVPixelBuffer) throws -> Self



A pixel buffer containing depth or disparity information in a compatible format.

Return Value

A new depth data object containing the pixel buffer.


If you apply simple transforms to media containing depth data, you can use the applyingExifOrientation(_:) method to apply parallel transforms to the corresponding depth data. More complex transforms and edits require creating a derivative depth map reflecting whatever edits you make to the corresponding image. In such cases, use this replacingDepthDataMap(with:) method to create a derivative depth data object.

See Also

Transforming and Processing

func applyingExifOrientation(CGImagePropertyOrientation) -> Self

Returns a derivative depth data object by mirroring or rotating it to the specified orientation.

func converting(toDepthDataType: OSType) -> Self

Returns a derivative depth data object by converting the depth data map to the specified data type.

var availableDepthDataTypes: [NSNumber]

The list of depth data formats to which this depth data can be converted.