Instance Property


The overall quality of the depth map.


var depthDataQuality: AVDepthData.Quality { get }


A device typically generates depth data maps by comparing images and calculating disparity. If features are lacking in either input image, it may be difficult to find matching key points, resulting in a depth data map with substantial holes. These holes can be filled with depth data filtering, but still may produce a map of overall poor quality.

If a depth data map suffers from insufficient features, the capture system marks it as AVDepthData.Quality.low quality, indicating that the depth map is a poor candidate for rendering high-quality depth effects or reconstructing a 3D scene. A depth map with AVDepthData.Quality.high quality is feature-rich, contains a high level of detail, making it a good candidate for rendering high-quality depth effects or reconstructing a 3D scene.

See Also

Evaluating Depth Data

var isDepthDataFiltered: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the depth map contains temporally smoothed data.

var depthDataAccuracy: AVDepthData.Accuracy

The general accuracy of depth data map values.

enum AVDepthData.Accuracy

Values indicating the general accuracy of a depth data map.

enum AVDepthData.Quality

Values indicating the overall quality of a depth data map.

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