Values indicating the general accuracy of a depth data map.


enum Accuracy : Int


The accuracy of a depth data map is highly dependent on the camera calibration data used to generate it. If the camera's focal length cannot be precisely determined at the time of capture, a scaling error in the z (depth) plane is introduced. If the camera's optical center can't be precisely determined at capture time, a principal point error is introduced, leading to an offset error in the disparity estimate.

These values report the accuracy of a map's values with respect to its reported units.


Accuracy Values

case relative

Values within the depth data map are usable for foreground/background separation, but are not absolutely accurate in the physical world.

case absolute

Values within the depth map are absolutely accurate within the physical world.

See Also

Evaluating Depth Data

var isDepthDataFiltered: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the depth map contains temporally smoothed data.

var depthDataAccuracy: AVDepthData.Accuracy

The general accuracy of depth data map values.

var depthDataQuality: AVDepthData.Quality

The overall quality of the depth map.

enum AVDepthData.Quality

Values indicating the overall quality of a depth data map.