Enumeration Case


The appropriate encoder is currently not available.


case encoderTemporarilyUnavailable = -11840


The error’s userInfo may contain AVErrorMediaTypeKey and AVErrorMediaSubTypeKey, if they are available.

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Error Codes

case airPlayControllerRequiresInternet

The AirPlay controller requires internet to function.

case airPlayReceiverRequiresInternet

The AirPlay receiver requires internet to function.

case applicationIsNotAuthorized

The application is not authorized to play media.

case applicationIsNotAuthorizedToUseDevice

The user has denied this application permission for media capture.

case compositionTrackSegmentsNotContiguous

The source media can’t be added because it contains gaps.

case contentIsNotAuthorized

The user is not authorized to play the media.

case contentIsProtected

The application is not authorized to open the media.

case contentIsUnavailable

Captured content is unavailable.

case contentNotUpdated

Captured content couldn’t be updated.

case createContentKeyRequestFailed

The app couldn’t create a content key request.

case decodeFailed

The decoding of the source media failed.

case decoderNotFound

The decoder for the given media was not found.

case decoderTemporarilyUnavailable

The appropriate decoder is currently not available.

case deviceAlreadyUsedByAnotherSession

The device is already in use by another session.

case deviceInUseByAnotherApplication

The device could not be opened because it is in use by another application.

case deviceIsNotAvailableInBackground

You attempted to start a capture session in the background, which is not allowed on iOS.

case deviceLockedForConfigurationByAnotherProcess

You cannot change the settings for the device because another app process is controlling the device.

case deviceNotConnected

The device could not be opened because it is not connected or turned on.

case deviceWasDisconnected

Recording stopped because the device was turned off or disconnected.

case diskFull

Recording stopped because the disk is getting full.

case displayWasDisabled

Screen capture failed because the display was inactive.

case encoderNotFound

The requested encoder was not found.

case exportFailed

The export was unable to finish successfully.

case externalPlaybackNotSupportedForAsset

The current asset doesn’t support playback.

case failedToLoadMediaData

The media resource does not contain all of the data required and cannot be loaded.

case failedToParse

AVFoundation couldn’t parse the media.

case fileAlreadyExists

The file could not be created because a file with the same name already exists in the same location.

case fileFailedToParse

The media could not be opened because the file is damaged or not in a recognized format.

case fileFormatNotRecognized

The media could not be opened because it is not in a recognized format.

case fileTypeDoesNotSupportSampleReferences

The file type doesn’t support sample references.

case formatUnsupported

The current asset format isn’t supported.

case incompatibleAsset

You cannot display the media because the iOS device is not capable of playing the content.

case invalidCompositionTrackSegmentDuration

You cannot add the source media because its duration in the destination is invalid.

case invalidCompositionTrackSegmentSourceDuration

You can’t add the source media because it has no duration.

case invalidCompositionTrackSegmentSourceStartTime

You can’t add the source media because its start time in the destination is invalid.

case invalidOutputURLPathExtension

The path extension of the URL was invalid.

case invalidSourceMedia

The operation could not complete because some source media could not be read.

case invalidVideoComposition

You attempted to perform a video composition operation that is not supported.

case malformedDepth

The depth data wasn’t properly structured.

case maximumDurationReached

Recording stopped because the maximum duration for the file was reached.

case maximumFileSizeReached

Recording stopped because the maximum size for the file was reached.

case maximumNumberOfSamplesForFileFormatReached

Recording stopped because the maximum number of samples for the file was reached.

case maximumStillImageCaptureRequestsExceeded

The photo could not be taken because there are too many photo requests that haven’t completed yet.

case mediaChanged

Recording stopped because the format of the source media changed.

case mediaDiscontinuity

Recording stopped because there was an interruption in the input media.

case mediaServicesWereReset

The operation could not be completed because media services became unavailable.

case noCompatibleAlternatesForExternalDisplay

No compatible external displays were found.

case noDataCaptured

Recording failed because no data was received.

case noImageAtTime

There is no image at that time in the media.

case noLongerPlayable

The asset is no longer playable.

case noSourceTrack

The asset has no source track.

case operationInterrupted

An interruption occurred while an AVAssetWriter, AVAssetReader or AVAssetExportSession was executing.

case operationNotAllowed

The user requested an unsupported operation.

case operationNotSupportedForAsset

You attempted to perform an operation with the asset that is not supported.

case operationNotSupportedForPreset

You attempted to perform an operation that’s not supported for the current preset.

case outOfMemory

The operation could not be completed because there is not enough memory to process all of the media.

case recordingAlreadyInProgress

Movie file output on iOS supports only one recording at a time.

case referenceForbiddenByReferencePolicy

You attempted to perform an operation with the asset that attempted to follow a reference that was not allowed.

case screenCaptureFailed

There was an unexpected problem that prevented screen capture.

case serverIncorrectlyConfigured

The HTTP server sending the media resource is not configured as expected.

case sessionConfigurationChanged

Recording stopped because the configuration of media sources and destinations changed.

case sessionHardwareCostOverage

You requested too many camera hardware resources.

case sessionNotRunning

Recording could not start because the session isn’t running.

case sessionWasInterrupted

Recording stopped because it was interrupted.

case torchLevelUnavailable

The specified torch level is valid but currently unavailable, possibly due to overheating.

case undecodableMediaData

The media data could not be decoded.

case unknown

Reason for the error is unknown.

case unsupportedDeviceActiveFormat

The device’s active format is not supported for the requested action.

case unsupportedOutputSettings

The user requested unsupported output settings.

case videoCompositorFailed

The video compositor couldn’t composite frames.

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