An asset that can be extended in total duration without modifying the previously existing data structure.


AVFragmentedAsset is a subclass of AVURLAsset.

Media resources include QuickTime movie files and MPEG-4 files that indicate, via an 'mvex' box in their 'moov' box, that they accommodate additional fragments. Media resources of other types may also be supported. To determine whether a given instance of AVFragmentedAsset can monitor the addition of fragments, check the value of the canContainFragments property

If the fragmented asset is associated with an instance of AVFragmentedAssetMinder and an operation that appends fragments to the underlying media resource is in progress, AVFragmentedAsset is capable of changing certain values of its properties and those of its tracks.

While associated with an AVFragmentedAssetMinder, AVFragmentedAssetTrack posts AVAssetDurationDidChange and whenever new fragments are detected, as appropriate. It may also post AVAssetContainsFragmentsDidChange and AVAssetWasDefragmented, as discussed in documentation of those notifications.

See Also

Asset Information

class AVAssetCache

An object used to inspect the state of an asset’s locally cached media data.

class AVFragmentedAssetMinder

An object that periodically checks whether additional fragments have been appended to fragmented assets.