An object that periodically checks whether fragmented assets had additional fragments appended to them.


class AVFragmentedAssetMinder : NSObject


Creating Fragment Assets

init(asset: AVAsset & AVFragmentMinding, mindingInterval: TimeInterval)

Initializes a fragmented asset minder containing the specified asset and minding interval.

var mindingInterval: TimeInterval

An interval that specifies when to perform a check for additional fragments.

Inspecting a Fragment Asset

var assets: [AVAsset & AVFragmentMinding]

The array of fragmented assets being minded.

Adding and Removing Asset Fragments

func addFragmentedAsset(AVAsset & AVFragmentMinding)

Adds a fragmented asset to the array of minded assets.

func removeFragmentedAsset(AVAsset & AVFragmentMinding)

Removes a fragmented asset from the array of minded assets.

Determining Fragment Support

protocol AVFragmentMinding

Properties you can query to determine if an asset supports fragment minding.


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Asset Information

class AVAssetCache

An object used to inspect the state of an asset’s locally cached media data.

class AVFragmentedAsset

An asset you can extend the total duration of without modifying the previously existing data structure.