An object used to check whether additional movie fragments have been appended to a fragmented movie file.


class AVFragmentedMovieMinder : AVFragmentedAssetMinder


Creating a Movie Minder

init(movie: AVFragmentedMovie, mindingInterval: TimeInterval)

Creates a movie minder and adds a movie with a minding interval.

Adding and Removing Movies

func add(AVFragmentedMovie)

Adds a fragmented movie to the array of movies being minded.

func remove(AVFragmentedMovie)

Removes a fragmented movie from the array of movies being minded.

Accessing Minder Information

var mindingInterval: TimeInterval

The amount of time between checks for additional movie fragments.

var movies: [AVFragmentedMovie]

An array containing the fragmented movie objects being minded.


Conforms To

See Also

QuickTime and ISO-Related Media

class AVMovie

An object that represents the audiovisual containers that conform to a QuickTime or ISO-based media file format.

class AVMovieTrack

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class AVFragmentedMovie

An object used to handle fragmented movie files.

class AVFragmentedMovieTrack

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class AVMediaDataStorage

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