Instance Property


An array of metadata items for each common metadata key for which a value is available.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) NSArray<AVMetadataItem *> *commonMetadata;


You can filter the array of AVMetadataItem objects according to locale using metadataItemsFromArray:withLocale:, key using metadataItemsFromArray:withKey:keySpace:, or language using metadataItemsFromArray:filteredAndSortedAccordingToPreferredLanguages:.

Clients that are filtering media selection options by language should be prepared to handle cases in which the extendedLanguageTag property value is nil. Further, they should be prepared to handle cases in which an extendedLanguageTag is present but indicates that the language is “undetermined” (a language value of @"und", as defined in ISO 639-2).

See Also

Managing Metadata


The metadata formats that contain metadata associated with the option.

- metadataForFormat:

Returns an array of metadata items—one for each metadata item in the container of a given format.