Type Property


Interpreted, remixed, or otherwise modified by (TPE4).


static let id3MetadataModifiedBy: AVMetadataIdentifier

See Also

ID3 Metadata Identifiers

static let id3MetadataBand: AVMetadataIdentifier

Band, orchestra, or accompaniment (TPE2).

static let id3MetadataConductor: AVMetadataIdentifier

Conductor or performer refinement (TPE3).

static let id3MetadataEncodedWith: AVMetadataIdentifier

Software, hardware, and settings used for encoding (TSSE).

static let id3MetadataEncryption: AVMetadataIdentifier

Encryption method registration (ENCR).

static let id3MetadataGroupIdentifier: AVMetadataIdentifier

Group identification registration (GRID).

static let id3MetadataOfficialArtistWebpage: AVMetadataIdentifier

Official artist or performer webpage (WOAR).

static let id3MetadataOriginalAlbumTitle: AVMetadataIdentifier

Original album, movie, or show title (TOAL).

static let id3MetadataOriginalLyricist: AVMetadataIdentifier

Original lyricists or text writers (TOLY).

static let id3MetadataSubTitle: AVMetadataIdentifier

Subtitle or description refinement (TIT3).

static let id3MetadataTitleDescription: AVMetadataIdentifier

Description of title, songname, or content (TIT2).

static let id3MetadataTrackNumber: AVMetadataIdentifier

Track number or position in set (TRCK).

static let id3MetadataUnsynchronizedLyric: AVMetadataIdentifier

Unsynchronized lyric or text transcription (USLT).

static let id3MetadataUserText: AVMetadataIdentifier

User defined text information frame (TXXX).

static let id3MetadataUserURL: AVMetadataIdentifier

User defined URL link frame (WXXX).