Instance Property


The locale of the metadata item.


var locale: Locale? { get }


The locale may be nil if no locale information is available for the metadata item.

See Also

Accessing Metadata Values

var value: (NSCopying & NSObjectProtocol)?

The value of the metadata item.

var time: CMTime

The timestamp of the metadata item.

var duration: CMTime

The duration of the metadata item.

var dataValue: Data?

The raw bytes of the value for the metadata item.

var extraAttributes: [AVMetadataExtraAttributeKey : Any]?

The additional attributes supplied by the metadata item.

struct AVMetadataExtraAttributeKey

A value that defines extra attribute keys.

var dataType: String?

The data type of the metadata item's value.

var extendedLanguageTag: String?

The IETF BCP 47 (RFC 4646) language identifier of the metadata item.

var startDate: Date?

The start date of the timed metadata.

class func identifier(forKey: Any, keySpace: AVMetadataKeySpace) -> AVMetadataIdentifier?

Provides the metadata identifier that’s equivalent to a key and key space.

struct AVMetadataKeySpace

A value that defines a metadata key space.

var identifier: AVMetadataIdentifier?

The identifier of the metadata item.

class func key(forIdentifier: AVMetadataIdentifier) -> Any?

Returns the metadata key associated with the identifier.

class func keySpace(forIdentifier: AVMetadataIdentifier) -> AVMetadataKeySpace?

Returns the metadata key space associated with the identifier.

struct AVMetadataIdentifier

A value that defines the metadata identifiers for different file formats.