Type Method


Filters an array of metadata items using the metadata item filter.


+ (NSArray<AVMetadataItem *> *)metadataItemsFromArray:(NSArray<AVMetadataItem *> *)metadataItems filteredByMetadataItemFilter:(AVMetadataItemFilter *)metadataItemFilter;



An array of AVMetadataItems to be filtered.


The AVMetadataItemFilter object for filtering the metadataItems.

Return Value

An instance of NSArray containing the metadata items in metadataItems that have not been removed by metadataItemFilter.

See Also

Filtering Arrays of Metadata Items

+ metadataItemsFromArray:withKey:keySpace:

Provides an array of metadata items that match a specified key or key space.


A value that defines a metadata key space.

+ metadataItemsFromArray:withLocale:

Provides an array of metadata items that match a specified locale.

+ metadataItemsFromArray:filteredAndSortedAccordingToPreferredLanguages:

Provides the subset of metadata items whose locales match one of the specified language identifiers.

+ metadataItemsFromArray:filteredByIdentifier:

Filters an array of metadata items according to the supplied identifier.


A value that defines the metadata identifiers for different file formats.

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