A value that specifies a type of metadata.


struct AVMetadataKey


iTunes Metadata Keys

ID3 Metadata Keys

static let id3MetadataKeyBand: AVMetadataKey

TPE2 band/orchestra/accompaniment.

static let id3MetadataKeyConductor: AVMetadataKey

TPE3 conductor/performer refinement.

static let id3MetadataKeyEncodedWith: AVMetadataKey

TSSE software/hardware and settings used for encoding.

static let id3MetadataKeyEncryption: AVMetadataKey

ENCR encryption method registration.

static let id3MetadataKeyGroupIdentifier: AVMetadataKey

GRID group identification registration.

static let id3MetadataKeyInternationalStandardRecordingCode: AVMetadataKey

TSRC ISRC (international standard recording code).

static let id3MetadataKeyModifiedBy: AVMetadataKey

TPE4 interpreted, remixed, or otherwise modified by.

static let id3MetadataKeyOriginalArtist: AVMetadataKey

TOPE original artist(s)/performer(s).

static let id3MetadataKeyOriginalLyricist: AVMetadataKey

TOLY original lyricist(s)/text writer(s).

static let id3MetadataKeySubTitle: AVMetadataKey

TIT3 subtitle/description refinement.

static let id3MetadataKeyTitleDescription: AVMetadataKey

TIT2 title/songname/content description.

static let id3MetadataKeyTrackNumber: AVMetadataKey

TRCK track number/position in set.

static let id3MetadataKeyUnsynchronizedLyric: AVMetadataKey

USLT unsynchronized lyric/text transcription.

static let id3MetadataKeyUserText: AVMetadataKey

TXXX user defined text information frame.

static let id3MetadataKeyUserURL: AVMetadataKey

WXXX user defined URL link frame.

QuickTime Metadata Keys

QuickTime User Metadata Keys



Creates a metadata key.

init(rawValue: String)

Creates a metadata key with the specified raw value.


See Also

Getting Keys and Key Spaces

var key: (NSCopying & NSObjectProtocol)?

The key of the metadata item.

var keySpace: AVMetadataKeySpace?

The key space for the metadata item’s key.

struct AVMetadataKeySpace

A value that defines a metadata key space.

var commonKey: AVMetadataKey?

The common key of the metadata item.