A value that defines a metadata key space.


struct AVMetadataKeySpace


Metadata Key Spaces

static let audioFile: AVMetadataKeySpace

The AudioToolbox audio file key space.

static let hlsDateRange: AVMetadataKeySpace

The HTTP Live Streaming key space.

static let icy: AVMetadataKeySpace

The Icecast/ShoutCAST streaming key space..

static let quickTimeMetadata: AVMetadataKeySpace

The QuickTime metadata key space.

static let quickTimeUserData: AVMetadataKeySpace

The QuickTime user data key space.


See Also

Configuring Keys and Key Spaces

var key: (NSCopying & NSObjectProtocol)?

The key for a mutable metadata item.

var keySpace: AVMetadataKeySpace?

The key space of the metadata item’s key.

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