A structure that defines whether data on different MIDI channels is mapped to multiple tracks, or if the tracks are preserved as they are.


struct AVMusicSequenceLoadOptions


Creating Sequence Load Options

init(rawValue: UInt)

Initializes sequence load options.

Type Properties

static var smfChannelsToTracks: AVMusicSequenceLoadOptions

A loaded MIDI Sequence that contain a tempo track, one track for each MIDI channel found in the SMF, and one track (the last track) for SysEx and/or MetaEvents.


Conforms To

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Managing Sequence Load Options

func load(from: Data, options: AVMusicSequenceLoadOptions)

Parses the data and adds its events to the sequence.

func load(from: URL, options: AVMusicSequenceLoadOptions)

Loads the file referenced by the URL and adds the events to the sequence.