Creates a mutable movie object from a movie stored in an NSData object.


init(data: Data, options: [String : Any]? = nil, error: ()) throws



An NSData object that contains a movie header.


A dictionary that contains key for specifying the movie object initialization. Currently, no keys are defined.


A description of the error that occurred. Default value is nil.

Return Value

An AVMutableMovie object.


On initialization, the defaultMediaDataStorage property and any associated mediaDataStorage properties are set to nil. To create an AVMutableMovie from a file and then append sample buffers to any of its tracks, you must first set one of these properties to indicate where the sample data should be written.

Use this method to create movies from movie headers that are not stored in files, which can include movies on the pasteboard.

See Also

Creating a Mutable Movie

init(url: URL, options: [String : Any]?, error: ())

Creates a mutable movie object from a movie header stored in a QuickTime movie file of ISO base media file.

init(settingsFrom: AVMovie?, options: [String : Any]?)

Creates a mutable movie object without tracks.