Instance Property


The preferred volume for the audible medata data of the movie.


var preferredVolume: Float { get set }

See Also

Configuring Movie Properties

var defaultMediaDataStorage: AVMediaDataStorage?

The default storage container for the media data added to a movie.

var metadata: [AVMetadataItem]

An array of metadata stored by the movie.

var interleavingPeriod: CMTime

A time period indicating the duration for interleaving runs of samples for each track.

var isModified: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the movie has been modified.

var preferredRate: Float

The natural rate the movie is to be played.

var preferredTransform: CGAffineTransform

The transform performed on the visual media data of the movie for display purposes.

var timescale: CMTimeScale

The time scale for movies that contain the moov atom.