An operation performed by a compositor.


class AVMutableVideoCompositionInstruction : AVVideoCompositionInstruction


An AVVideoComposition object maintains an array of instructions to perform its composition.


Configuring the Instructions

var backgroundColor: CGColor?

The background color of the composition.

var layerInstructions: [AVVideoCompositionLayerInstruction]

An array of instances of AVVideoCompositionLayerInstruction that specify how video frames from source tracks should be layered and composed.

var timeRange: CMTimeRange

The time range during which the instruction is effective.

var enablePostProcessing: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether post processing is required for the video composition instruction.


Conforms To

See Also

Video Composition

class AVVideoComposition

An object that represents an immutable video composition.

class AVMutableVideoComposition

An object that represents a mutable video composition.

class AVAsynchronousCIImageFilteringRequest

An object that supprts using Core Image filters to process an individual video frame in a video composition.

class AVAsynchronousVideoCompositionRequest

An object that contains the information necessary for a video compositor to render an output pixel buffer.

class AVMutableVideoCompositionLayerInstruction

An object used to modify the transform, cropping, and opacity ramps applied to a given track in a mutable composition.

class AVVideoCompositionCoreAnimationTool

An object used to incorporate Core Animation into a video composition.

class AVVideoCompositionInstruction

An operation performed by a compositor.

class AVVideoCompositionLayerInstruction

An object used to modify the transform, cropping, and opacity ramps applied to a given track in a composition.

class AVVideoCompositionRenderContext

An object that defines the context within which custom compositors render new output pixel buffers.