Instance Method


Plays plays the available media data immediately, at the specified rate.


func playImmediately(atRate rate: Float)



The specified playback rate.


This method plays the available media data at the specified rate regardless of whether there is sufficient media buffered to ensure smooth playback. If media data exists in the playback buffer, calling this method changes the player’s playback rate to the specified rate and its timeControlStatus to a value of playing. If the player has insufficient media data buffered to begin playback, the player will behave as if it has encountered a stall during playback, except that no AVPlayerItemPlaybackStalled will be posted.

See Also

Managing Automatic Waiting Behavior

var automaticallyWaitsToMinimizeStalling: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the player should automatically delay playback in order to minimize stalling.

var reasonForWaitingToPlay: AVPlayer.WaitingReason?

The reason the player is currently waiting for playback to begin or resume.

var timeControlStatus: AVPlayerTimeControlStatus

A status that indicates whether playback is currently in progress, paused indefinitely, or suspended while waiting for appropriate network conditions.

struct AVPlayer.WaitingReason

The following are valid constant values for the player’s reasonForWaitingToPlay property.