Instance Property


The audio mix parameters to be applied during playback.


@NSCopying var audioMix: AVAudioMix? { get set }


An audio mix can only be used with file-based media and is not supported for use with media served using HTTP Live Streaming.

See Also

Configuring an Item's Settings

var videoComposition: AVVideoComposition?

The video composition settings to be applied during playback.

protocol AVVideoCompositing

The methods that custom video compositors must implement.

var seekingWaitsForVideoCompositionRendering: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the item’s timing follows the displayed video frame when seeking with a video composition.

var audioTimePitchAlgorithm: AVAudioTimePitchAlgorithm

The processing algorithm used to manage audio pitch for scaled audio edits.

var videoApertureMode: AVVideoApertureMode

The video aperture mode to apply during playback.

struct AVVideoApertureMode

A value that describes how a video is scaled or cropped.