Instance Property


An array of the most recently encountered timed metadata.


var timedMetadata: [AVMetadataItem]? { get }

Return Value

An array of AVMetadataItem or nil if no metadata was found.


Prior to the player item loading its media, this property value will be nil. You can key-value observe this property to be notified when metadata becomes available.

See Also

Inspecting a Player Item

var asset: AVAsset

The asset provided during initialization.

var automaticallyLoadedAssetKeys: [String]

The array of asset keys to be automatically loaded before the player item is ready to play.

var tracks: [AVPlayerItemTrack]

An array of player item track objects.

var status: AVPlayerItem.Status

The status of the player item.

enum AVPlayerItem.Status

The statuses for a player item.

var duration: CMTime

The duration of the item.

var timebase: CMTimebase?

The timebase information for the item.

var loadedTimeRanges: [NSValue]

An array of time ranges indicating media data that is readily available.

var presentationSize: CGSize

The size at which the visual portion of the item is presented by the player.

var error: Error?

The error that caused the player item to fail.