Instance Property


The status of the most recent content authorization request.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) AVContentAuthorizationStatus contentAuthorizationRequestStatus;


This property reports the authorization status as determined by the most recent call to requestContentAuthorizationAsynchronouslyWithTimeoutInterval:completionHandler:.

The value will be AVContentAuthorizationUnknown before the first call and between the time a request call is made and just prior to the completion handler being executed (thus it is safe to query this property from the completion handler).

This value is not key-value observable.

See Also

Managing Authorization

- requestContentAuthorizationAsynchronouslyWithTimeoutInterval:completionHandler:

Presents the user the opportunity to authorize the content for playback.


A value representing the status of a content authorization request.


A Boolean value that indicates whether authorization is required to play the content.


A Boolean value that indicates whether the application can be used to play the content.


A Boolean value that indicates whether the content has been authorized by the user.

- cancelContentAuthorizationRequest

Cancels the currently outstanding content authorization request.